“Doing things outside the box,

that is my love language.”

Joani Mitchell
LA Lucia resident Joani Mitchell is an ex-fashion designer and homemaker. She is Portuguese and prides herself on creating dishes that reflect her heritage.
Joani has spent her life surrounded by men – not only her husband and sons – but also regular hungry visitors and lodgers from the Sharks rugby academy, which she supports in her capacity as a Sharks Mom.
She recently competed in and completed her first Ironman African Championship challenge in Port Elizabeth. Incredibly, this was the former MasterChef contestant’s first full Ironman race, and she completed the event in 14.10 hours. What’s more, Joani, participated in the event to raise epilepsy awareness and to honour her nephew, Marco, who is battling the neurological disorder.
On accepting this challenge, she says she wanted to do the race in connection with an awareness drive. She decided to do it for her nephew, Marco, who suffers from epilepsy. He has a Facebook page called Miracle Marco, which was started to raise awareness for epilepsy, to help children in need and inspire. “It is a cause very close to my heart.” says Joani, “The amazing part was that the week of the race just so happened to be Epilepsy awareness week,” she explained.
Joani Mitchell is also a vivacious MasterChef SA contestant and local celebrity chef, she was one of the former top 10 contestants in the MasterChef competition, and since then her life has been a roller coaster ride.
A fashion designer by trade, she regards cooking as just a different outlet for her artistic spirit. She has numerous public appearances and caters for up to three functions a weekend, but she insists that she is having the TIME of her Life!!